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Enkora Design

Developing live design systems.

Long term design consulting project, 2017-present.

Inhouse consulting for a Helsinki based SaaS & HW company as well as partners such as Ramirent.

Project Kivi

Think green. Even in construction.

Developing cleaner construction & demolition businesses.
We built a revolutionary system for disposing demolition material in an environmental way.

Construction and demolition waste is no longer dumped in landfills when the waste is distributed in smaller quantities to local individuals.

Binding Stripe payment APIs, local transportation & logistic businesses and rural individuals together.

The project is in closed beta in Turku region in southern Finland.

Pargas Damkör r.f.

Renaissance of the classical choir.

Pargas Damkör has a long history which we wanted to reflect in the design in a classic and harmonic way.

On the other hand we wanted to make the site fresh, modern and energetic. Balancing the rich visual aspect of the lively choir life, while optimising speed and performance, was another major part of the equation.

Codeberry took part in the rebranding of the choir, establishing a new visual look, developing the website, merging communication channels and integrating them to the website as well as consulting in content creation.

You are witnessing the renaissance for this classical choir.


The Finnish Defence Forces

Media pipeline automation

Rapid growth of Beväringskommitté's instagram profile. Guidelines for picked content with a tone that highlights nature, action and diversity.

Automized content posting flow implemented with automated scheduling picked from online drives, automatic hashtags, automatic description templates and instant posting apps used for ease of use. The same mechanism was implemented to the Finnish Defence Command.


Villa Apollo

Archipelago, antique & unique events combined.

Villa Apollo lacked a modern & fresh web-presence.

We planned a complete rebranding, with extensive social media presence, webpage redesign and content creation plan, social proof and validation.

The vision was to present the vast range of activities that Villa Apollo has, the vibrant nature & the history of the Villa itself.


The voice of Apollo

Content creation consulting and branding.

As stated, web presence is a complete package.
We helped Villa Apollo with social media by launching the Apollo's Instagram and growing it rapidly in relevant audience segments.

The facebook channel and email marketing was rebranded and recreated to cater specific converting content on suiting channels.

Easy to use email campaign templates were implemented on MailChimp with custom call to actions and the voice of the brand was set. The project continues with regular checks and improvements.

Email signup Instagram

Teativity - Arctic Tea

Tea products made personal.

Teativity & Co from Helsinki wanted to make a proof-of-consept landingpage for their new exciting product line.

The landingpage is harmonic, minimalistic & feels organic and fresh.
Codeberry Finland handcrafted the site's visual feel according to Teativity's own unique vision.

A product of rapid prototyping where first version was shipped in less than 24 hours.


The Q Experience

Not just a chartplotter.

Codeberry Finland joined forces with Nextfour Group for this revolutionizing B2B product.

The Q Experience website was first developed as a lightning fast static website. Later reinvented as a dynamic wordpress site backed by a MySQL database. The WordPress theme was completely coded and designed from scratch.

Clean design, Simplicity and Subtle Animations.



Meet the new GeoTag.

Fresh, Fast & Modern.

Spoofing or faking your location universally—works with Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google Maps.

GeoTag on Google Play


Splendid Pixels by pi×co.

We love pictures. So should you. Pixco will provide you the finest CC0 pictures packed into one app.
Use anywhere. Explore the world through pixco.

Pixco on Google Play


Market research.

The first iteration of Skriin's landingpage for rapid audience research and testing.
Exciting product with a simple mission.
Result of rapid prototyping, site was shipped in less than 24 hours.


GeoSnap / Deluxe

Liberté, GEOSNAP, Fraternité.

Making geofilters available for anyone on Snapchat, no matter your physical location.

GeoSnap on Google Play GeoSnap Deluxe

Tankar vid sundkanten

From young to old.

Personal and beautiful stories about hopes & dreams in the small town of Pargas.

Script by C. Romano—optimised for reading on pads and mobile devices. Book curated by local students in their pop-up company, UF Bok Finland.

Read the book

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